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About the system and charges

  • 太極拳大学校/有料会員

    Every month

✔︎ 月々1,800円(税別)でレッスンが受け放題!

✔︎ いつでも、どこでも始められます!

✔︎ 人目を気にせず、自分のペースでできます!

✔︎ 太極拳の世界チャンピオンによるレッスン!


太極拳大学校 では、簡単登録ですぐにレッスンを受講、ご視聴できるシステムを採用しています。
いつでも、どこでも、何度でも受講できる 太極拳大学校/有料会員のシステムは、


No admission fee, lessons available immediately! Moreover, you can receive as much as you want!

The monthly fee is only 1,800 yen (excluding tax), and there is no admission fee.
Moreover, you can take all the lessons as many times as you like!

In addition, since it will be automatically renewed after the first credit card payment, there is no need to perform monthly renewal procedures.

Recommended for those who are interested in Tai Chi, those who cannot easily attend the classroom, and those who want to know more about Tai Chi!