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No penalty will be charged no matter when you withdraw!

There is no admission fee or contract period for Tai Chi Online.
To unsubscribe, just follow the procedure here!

When the procedure is completed, the automatic billing will end, and the service will end on the next scheduled billing date.

Application for paid / subscription suspension


  • After applying for suspension of the paid / subscription plan, the application for withdrawal will be completed within 3 business days.

  • If the due date of the paid / subscription period is within 3 business days including the suspension application date, the charge for the next month will be incurred.

  • Even after applying to suspend the paid plan, you can watch it during the paid plan period.

<What is the paid / subscription period>

  • If the application date for the paid / subscription plan is January 10, the "paid / subscription period" will be from January 10 to one month (February 9).

  • The next month's paid / subscription monthly fee of ¥ 1,980 will also be settled by credit card one month after the application date (February 10 if you apply on January 10), and subsequent payments will also be made on the 10th of every month. It will be.

* If the application date for suspension of paid / subscription is within 3 business days before the scheduled credit card settlement date of each month (example: if it starts on January 10th, the settlement date is the 10th of each month), the charge for the next month will be incurred. You must to do something before you go on. note that.


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